Coral/Invert Acclimation Procedures:

For most corals, floating them for one hour to temperature acclimate them is enough. Inverts need to be acclimated slower with 50% change in water twice-three times for at least two hours. If you have any questions or concerns just contact us on FB, email to, or or phone (see our Contact Us page). We are here to help and want to make your buying experience as worry free as possible.

We always recommend using a coral dip, no matter where the coral is from. We use Melafix (for non-SPS) and Bayer (for SPS) exclusively.  While there are other dips on the market, we strongly disrecommend dipping SPS corals in MediCoral by Brightwell Aquatics.  While the Brightwell product is good, it is based on various iodides which can fatally harm many SPS corals, including Acropora and Montipora.  Dipping SPS corals in MediCoral will void our DOA policy.

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